How do I track my order?

You will first receive an email confirmation indicating your order is in the works and a second email when your order has shipped. The second email will contain the FedEx tracking number and a direct link to the status of your shipment. If your order did not arrive as indicated in the FedEx tracking system, please call ADCO Customer Care at 800.527.4609, and we will look into the matter further.

What happens if an item is on backorder?

Back-orders rarely happen at ADCO, but if they do, we will contact you via email or by phone and give you two options on how to proceed:  (1) Send out a partial order first and then the balance later, or (2) wait and ship the entire order at once. Either way, your credit card will only be charged for the amount that is shipped.

What are the preferred shipping methods?

All ADCO website orders are shipped via FedEx, with the following options: Ground, 2-day, 3-day, or standard overnight. Alternate shipping methods may be considered for large orders over 300 lbs. All orders are fully insured. If shipping to an international location, please contact the local distributor in your area, as indicated on our Contactpage.

How are returns handled?

Please see our Returns Policy on the Policies page for complete details on how returns are handled at ADCO. We will do everything in our power to handle your return quickly and efficiently, as your satisfaction is our #1 concern!

How do I become an ADCO distributor?

ADCO has a worldwide distribution network with representation in more than 125 countries. But we are always looking to expand our reach into new territories with the right talent and channels in place. If you believe you are the right fit to become an ADCO distributor, we'd like to hear from you! Please send inquiries with detailed background info and experience to

Do you send out samples for testing and evaluation purposes?

In general, we don't send out samples. This is because we firmly believe that if a company or individual is sincerely interested in one of our products, a sample won't tell the full story and the many features and benefits that go into our designs -- we'd like to do that in person! Please contact our sales team at to arrange a personal demonstration on any of our product lines. 

If I order more than one case, do I get a discount?

If you are planning to order more than one case and would like to discuss discounted rates and possible specials, we encourage you to contact our sales team in the U.S. (800-527-4609) or ADCO distributor reps located throughout the world. Visit our Contactpage for direct contact info.

How many blades come with the Easy-Cut safety knife?

Easy-Cut safety knives come with 1 dual-sided blade loaded in the main blade carriage and 1 replacement blade in the onboard storage compartment. Easy-Cut blades are unique in that they have two cutting surfaces (one on each end), doubling the life cycle for each blade and reducing the time to replace blades.