• Roller Grills
      • Beer Cave Shelving
      • Powershelf
      • Shelf Gliders
      • Vault Shelving
      • Mule Dolly
      • Temperature Monitors
      • Spill & Clean-up
      • Floor Maintenance


  • Vault Shelving
  • Mule Dolly
  • Spill & Clean-up
  • Safety Knives
  • Floor Maintenance


  • Safety Knives
  • Shelving
  • Mule Dolly
  • Max Carts
  • Spill & Clean-up
  • Floor Maintenance


  • Safety Knives
  • Sit & Shop
  • Safe Lift
  • Apron Dispenser
  • Safe-Tacher
  • Safety Floor Scraper
  • Dust Vac


ADCO INDUSTRIES, Dallas, Texas USA is a leading safety Cutter manufacture and home of the world renowned EasyCut™Safety Knife. Engineers have further developed a specialty razor blade from a unique manufacturing process. The results produce a distinguishing feature of a dual edge blade providing a razor sharp cutting portion of the blade where the blade is capable to penetrate through a box with ease and provide a spherical blunt end on the tip to deflect the product it touches inside to remain damage free. This new development in Product Safe™ blade technology changes the approach for packages all over the world to be opened and not succumb to exorbitant internal product damage. Regardless of skill level, now corrugated boxes and ponderous packaging can be opened without damage. Historically, shelf stocking associates’ would likely damage up to 1-3% of every case of product opened, yielding to profits. The number of global online shoppers will grow 50% by 2018. With the astounding increase in online retail sales, consumers will face comparable demands in options for opening packages in a safer manner for the user and the products contained inside. The artful innovation of establishing a safety razor blade for industrial use with tremendous fiscal benefits is our business. Equipping the growing consumer sector with the same technologies using Product Safe™ safety knives is our future.



Problem Identification

Problem Identification begins with a team to understand "Stress Points," and looking forward to determine what the end results needed to accomplish a successful outcome by adhering to three call to action factors.

  • Defining a problem
  • Identifying causes
  • Gathering information


Unlike traditional engineering rules to create a solution, Adco Industries performs under a very unique set of guidelines. The team uses common sense, build-ability and cost consciousness methods to engineer a solution.

  • Identify the real need
  • Create possibilities to solve
  • Design cost effective solutions


Manufacturing a product as a result of research, testing and creating a fix is very rewarding. Our clients continuance to have problems solved by our teams is evidence that our solutions work and deliver value with competitive pricing.

  • Solutions that perform
  • Value driven ROI
  • Successful completion = Future endeavors