Box Cutter University

Let’s face it when a company makes a decision to roll out a new safety box-cutting program, the biggest challenge is how you train your associates. Easy-Cut Safety is the leader in safety knives and has over 25 million safety knives in use in over 128 countries around the world. Some of the world’s largest companies depend on Easy Cut to eliminate cuts and lacerations, increase productivity and protect products from damage. When it comes to safety knives and all their great features, the only way to maximize your investment is to have a training resource that works for everyone within the organization. That’s why we created Box Cutter University. An Industry first!
Box Cutter University is a Confidential and Proprietary Training module that was developed to assist our clients in switching from traditional box knives to The advanced Easy-Cut Safety knife. Box Cutter University is specific to the Easy Cut Safety Knife System and implements the knowledge we have developed for each new Easy-Cut client with its familiar user interface and highly intuitive features.

Box Cutter University


Utilizing Box Cutter University, safety departments, trainers, and human resources can quickly administer training for new hires and existing associates and identify weaknesses in their safety cutting programs through content examinations. BCU is constructed with interactive learning components that require the student to interact, pay attention and confirm comprehension via the testing module. Upon completion, the test results can be quickly assessed for current use or at a later time for further review.

Box Cutter University is available on multiple platforms for use and distribution. BCU is obtainable from any web browser anywhere in the world or can be operated on a standalone training station, be it a desktop or mobile application. Most clients have opted to take advantage of our customized BCU capability. This allows for all video and content to be customized to a specific client’s needs.

Box Cutter University is a first-of-its-kind for diversified industries utilizing box cutters. Many knife manufacturers simply publish videos to represent their product and how it works. BCU takes implementing and training to a new level, never before seen in the safety knife industry. For more details about Box Cutter University and a complete evaluation of the Easy Cut Safety Knife Program, contact us directly.