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ADCO'S new Easy Cut 4000 cuts open boxes without damaging product inside — even something as soft as a balloon!


"Easy Cut 4000 was to us like fire was to the caveman!" -- George Fitzgerald, Lifecare Hospitals


ADCO Industries creates and manufactures quality products that solve problems and provide value. All of our products came about because of a problem our customers identified — and in every instance we found a better way or a better product for them to do what they do, safely and more efficiently. Our customers appreciate the dynamic approach to solving problems that we have taken through the years, and we continue to find solutions that make the home and work place safer, more efficient, and keeping in mind that cost is always an issue.

Our current product lines encompass a broad range of categories, including Home & Office, Safety Knives, Shelving & Dollies, Sit-down Shopping Carts, and Label Fasteners — but we don’t just stop there.  We continue to explore new product categories, design approaches and technologies every day. It’s our eternal quest to bring "Smarter Products. Better Life." to you, and the world.


ADCO Industries has documented research showing retailers are losing millions of dollars in profits each year in product damage, all due to outdated box cutters! If your company is losing money due to the box cutter, we'd like to hear from you (send your comments to

Product damage to shirt to box cutter