Throughout our 33 years of business Adco Industries has partnered with many Fortune 500 companies solving friction points by creating better products that allow for greater productivity, more profits and safety. Resulting in a better experience for the customer.

The Retail segment is where it all started for Adco Industries. The responsibilities of Grand Opening for large chains back in the 70's led to the development of the foundation of our abilities today. We managed many aspects of a new store being opened from preparing inventory to be priced, stocked and displayed. We quickly learned that the traditional utility knife was an evil necessity in the buisness of stocking. Associates' experienced cuts and lacerations and product was being damaged at all time levels. Productivity sufferred and the need for a better and safer tool was just around the corner. The Safety knife quickly became a valuable asset to opening corrugated boxes and providing associates with a safer method of opening cases for product merchandising. Fast foward to the 21st Century and realize the Easy Cut Safey Knife System was engineered.


Easy-Cut Safety     Easy-Cut Safety